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May 24,2016 | Posted in Answers to unemployed too long, Unemployed too long by Bob Perry

Why have U been unemployed so long?

An embarrassing question for most folks & will it impact your ability to get the next job? Does it appear that no one wants you?  In this economy however, lengthy unemployment is regrettably too common. At least “our” (not everyone’s) perception of it is!  Why is this? Well, the biggest reason is that prior to 2007 we have been conditioned to a different economy, job market & job search process.  We typically progressed in our employment history via promotions, referrals, recommendations, plenty of advertised jobs, & not that much competition. So what’s new?  Well a heck of a lot is new & most folks have taken too long to adapt to the new (post ’07) process of searching for a job in our new “economy”! We have job searched the way we always have searched prior to ’07, because that’s what always worked & what we have learned during our entire employment career. It’s not your fault, but you must adapt!

By the time we have learned about Social Media (Linkedin), Networking, retaining a Career Coach, An Attention Getting Resume vs. a Chronological Obituary, Job Postings vs Unadvertised Jobs, etc., too much time has past! Whoops!

So, how do U answer the question, Why have U been unemployed so long? Honestly of course, but many folks have reasonable responses, such as;

1.  Searching & evaluating Franchise options. (3-6 months)

2. Considering to start my own business. (3-6 months)

3. Evaluating the option to purchase an existing business.(3-6 months)

4. Going back to school for my Bachelors, Masters, Certifications. (6 -24 months)

5. Caring for an elderly parent.  (12 months)

6. Volunteering for non-profit organizations. (6 -12 months)

7. Assessing my future career interests with a Career Coach. (3 months)

8. Enjoying my exit package & family. (3 months)

And, if you are still unemployed absolutely consider some of the above. Be creative, ambitious & proactive & you will succeed. You can make things happen instead of “hoping” they will happen.

There are many wonderful free webinars & ebooks on the Internet to help you become more proficient & my company provides free webinars & a free 30 minute coaching call to help frustrated job seekers as well. Contact







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