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Jun 05,2016 | Posted in Uncategorized by Bob Perry

Robert Wolk, Franchise MatchMaker & Wealth Builder

For the semi-retired, unemployed, underemployed and unhappily employed there are semi-absentee and/or owner-operator investment opportunities that can generate additional passive or active cash flow. One of the more popular options are proven franchise investments generating cash flow for the investor or, in many cases, the semi-absentee owner. And despite popular belief, most franchises are not food or retail businesses.

For example, an Attorney and her corporate executive husband wanted additional passive income and the opportunity to build additional equity for the future. They purchased several locations of a proven franchise model anticipated to generate a six figure plus income stream…while keeping their current jobs and as a hedge against being downsized by their current employer. For this couple this is a potential wealth-building strategy, as well.

Franchising mitigates your risk because it is a proven business model with a proven history and track record of success in hundreds of locations throughout North America and the world. Franchiser’s have a vested interest in your success, training and support since they will not receive royalties unless you are successful.

Most franchise investments only require a franchise fee of $50,000 or less and liquid capital of about $100,000. And, for larger investments there are financing options that are very attractive. For example, to start and fund a new business the government will permit you to rollover your 401K or IRA penalty free. In addition, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is very favorably inclined to guarantee loans for proven franchises. The resources of SCORE (Senior Core Of Retired Executives: is an additional free resource if you decide to start your own business.

I can tell you that Bob Wolk (author) is a wealth of information when it comes to matching up a potential investor with the right franchise opportunity by considering their financial situation, their business skills and their interests.

He is himself a successful business owner having sold his international software business to a multi-billion dollar NYSE company.

For additional information about SCORE or Franchising resources please contact: Bob Wolk, SCORE Mentor & Franchise Specialist at (215) 870-5728 or

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