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May 11,2016 | Posted in Job Searching, Networking, New Careers by Bob Perry

ARE YOU SICK OF YOUR JOB OR UNEMPLOYED TOO LONG? A recent Gallup poll shows that 71 percent of American workers are either not engaged in their work or actively disengaged — and that these dismal results dovetail with similar… Read More

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Apr 17,2012 | Posted in Increasing Linkedin Connections, Job Searching, Networking, Uncategorized by Bob Perry

688 Connections link me to 18,367,996+ professionals 26,609 New people in my Network since April 16 Join my terrific forum to get your blog networked. Send your comments, blogs or questions to  … Read More

Apr 03,2012 | Posted in Job Searching by Bob Perry

Let’s think about what you would do if your boss asked you to develop a plan to bring a new product to market. You would; 1. Assess the features, benefits, strengths & possible weaknesses of the product. And it’s competitive… Read More

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Apr 02,2012 | Posted in Cover Letters, Job Searching by Bob Perry

Let’s think about what it will take to truly get an employer’s attention, or to “crash the employer’s attraction code”! It’s really all about the employer’s needs, challenges, hot buttons, etc. It’s not really all about you the job seeker,… Read More

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Mar 29,2012 | Posted in Job Searching, Networking, Resume Tips by Bob Perry

Job Seekers can distinguish themselves from others & get the attention of hiring managers by converting the traditional “chronological obituary” resume format, to a powerful value proposition. It is recommended that job seekers design a resume format that does not… Read More

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